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Dewayne Hart

Author | Business Owner | Cybersecurity Expert

Dewayne Hart is an "All Cyber Professional" dedicated to keeping cybersecurity on track and has developed a common-sense approach to roadmap cybersecurity. With his extensive experience and expertise, he drives businesses to enhance their understanding of known risks and exploits and how to protect their critical assets, data, and information. His speaking style delivers key strategies to help successfully navigate the cyber landscape. Here is a secret about Dewayne: He arms his audience with the knowledge, resources, and tools to wear a "Hackers Hat. "

Before entering the commercial IT world, Dewayne spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy, specializing in maintaining computer and weapons defense systems. He also facilitated leadership development for over 5,000 junior military personnel.

Dewayne's commitment to technology extends beyond his military service. He founded and led Secure Managed Instructional Systems, LLC (SEMAIS), a cybersecurity consulting firm established in 2014. SEMAIS offers Cybersecurity Advisory and Workforce Development services, supporting organizations' cyber defense and risk management initiatives. The company motto is" Sustaining 360-degree of Cyber Visibility."

Dewayne is also a prominent figure in the cybersecurity community. He hosts the Chief of Cybersecurity YouTube Channel, which provides a wide range of content covering various cybersecurity topics. His channel discusses sector-based cybersecurity (i.e., healthcare, government, financial, faith-based institutions), Artificial Intelligence, Digital Parenting, Cybersecurity Maturity, The Hacker's Mentality, Workforce Modernization, Cybercrime, and Cybersecurity Program Management.

In 2022, he published "The Cybersecurity Mindset: A Virtual and Transformational Thinking Mode," which provides the structured process and framework for understanding, developing, and learning the cybersecurity blueprint. Readers and communities of interest can now understand how to navigate cybersecurity and best practices. Dewayne is also a featured writer for the Forbes Technology Council. He has written several industry-published articles on AI, Cybersecurity, and protection strategies that are informative. Through his writings, he has researched and discovered innovative approaches to counter cyber threats and leverage a "Hacker's Mindset" into his community of readers. Business leaders gain a competitive edge in "securing their brand" and learning practical strategies to promote resilience and sustainability. Articles such as "The Secret Link Between Health IT Transformation, AI, and Cybersecurity," "How Federal Agencies Can Improve Their Operational Resilience Program," and "Uncovering How AI's Dual Relationship With Cybersecurity Operates" are reshaping how technology professionals engage cybersecurity.

Through his podcasting, writing for Forbes Magazine, and authoring the book "The Cybersecurity Mindset," Dewayne has simplified technology challenges, designed a roadmap to navigate best practices, and blueprinted cybersecurity into a thinking model. When he delivers "Cyber Talk," his audience gains unique insight into an all-inclusive format to understand the cyber domain or eco-system.