Trust and Safety

As a responsible learning platform, we at believe that it is our primary responsibility to provide you a system that deserves your trust. We do this by:

  • Proactively checking and screening for any potential problems
  • Safeguarding your interests
  • Investigating any issue that is brought to our notice, to ensure that you have a hassle-free and convenient experience with allows access to the transformational content every single day to many users. We have been able to achieve this due to the dedication and hard work of the large pool of passionate individuals who form the's teaching and learning community.

The community includes-

  • Participants or the students joining the to have an engaging learning experience with uninterrupted access to a huge variety of topics from experts who practice these skills on a daily basis
  • Instructors or Authors with an excellent opportunity to impact millions of students across the world, and for access to the tools, platform, and coaching that enables them to create high-quality online courses.